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Banners Tips

ReWritables Learning Series

Welcome to the ReWritables  Learning Series.  We have included a number of tips & tricks to make working with banners a breeze! 

Saving  .JPG and .GIF Banners

To save, right mouse click ad "save as" to your local drive.


Saving and Using Flash™ Banners

The use of Flash™ banners is allot easier than you might think.   There are a few simple steps that will insure that you can fly these banners with ease.  If you've already visited our Flash Banner Gallery, you'll see that the most popular methods of copying content from the Internet, the "copy and paste" method or the infamous right mouse click do not work with Flash animations.

 Any page you view that includes a Flash animation will automatically save the flash animation in your Temporary Internet Files.   To use our FREE Flash Banners on your Site, follow the steps below:

1) Make note of the banner that you want to use. For ease of reference, all the flash banners have their associated file name directly beneath the banner.

2) Insert the following HTML Code into the page that will be flying the banner: ( IMPORTANT: make sure to change the file name to that of the banner you want to use) 

<embed width="468" height="60" src="flashbanner1.swf">

3) Find the correct file by name in your Temporary Internet Folder and copy this to the same level directory  as the page that you are inserting the HTML code into.

Adding Text to Banners

Image Editor- You can add text or edit any of the .gif or .jpg images in any image editor like Microsoft Paint. Simply save the banner to your local drive, open in your favorite image editor, and add any text you need!  We've included a "no text" banner gallery for your ease and enjoyment!

No Image Editor- An alternative method to adding text to a banner is to set the banner as a background to a cell within a table.  After you've set the image as the background, you can then overwrite with text.   An example is shown below.

Step 1- set your table or cell dimension to the banner size. The table below is set to 468x60 pixels

Step 2- Insert the image as a background to the cell.


Step 3- Insert the text into the cell

This text is not part of the Image  

By overlaying text above the cell, you can use the same banner with different text without having to edit the image!






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