Shelcon- The Foodservice Conveyor Specialists

Have you been putting up with a foodservice conveyor that's constantly breaking down or literally "falling apart"?  Or perhaps your conveyor is no longer adequate to handle the number of customers you feed.  Maybe your old conveyor was installed several years ago, before Shelcon introduced its World Famous features that increase employee safety and productivity, while reducing dish breakage and lost or damaged utensils.  

Well, you don't have to put up with that broken down conveyor any more!

On-Site Refurbishment

A complete on-site refurbishment by the foodservice conveyor specials at Shelcon can give you everything you want in a conveyor system, while saving up to 50% OFF the cost of a new conveyor!  Shelcon conveyor refurbishments can also include rerouting to accommodate changes or additions to your existing facility.

Installations you can Depend On!

The refurbishment can usually be scheduled to minimize any interference with your routine.  All Shelcon Refurbishments comply with local and national codes.  Our comprehensive warranty includes two years of parts and one year labor with the exception of any framework or structures from previous installations.  Shelcon conveyor refurbishments can also include additional or replacement food waste disposers, shredders, pulpers, waste compactors and dishwashing machines.

Why Put up with the headaches of Older Conveyors?

Contact Us for a free site analysis, professional documentation and an estimate.  You'll be glad you did!


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